Modern Egyptian Oil Paintings

Middle Eastern Arab Art in Egypt

By Khalda Hamouda

Egyptian Art Galleries in Cairo



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There are so maney art galleries in Egypt, some of these galleries are :

Safarkhan Art Gallery

Safarkhan Art Gallery is specialized in Arab Modern and Contemporary Egyptian Art and has been for a long time at the forefront of the Egyptian art scene demonestrating its role in both collecting and selling Egyptian art.

Zamalek Art Gallery

Zamalek Art Gallery represents a group of pioneer Egyption artists and also gives support to some emerging Egyptian artists. The gallery offers local and international art consultancy for institutions, art collectors and private homes.

Gallery misr

Gallery Misr is a gallery of Egyptian modern and contemporary Middle Eastern art focusing in makeing exhibitions to Egyptian artists, giving them the chance to be recognized both locally and internationally.

Picasso Art Gallery

Picasso Art Gallery is makeing exhibitions to selected Egyptian artists, the gallery is specialized in both Modern and Contemporary Egyptian Art.

Ubuntu Art Gallery

Ubuntu Art Gallery is a rising gallery focusing in makeing exhibitions to selected Egyptian artists to offer them the chance of exposeing their artworks locally and internationally.

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